Oh Laxmi!

Finally ‘the baby gets a new dress’ and I have published Oh Laxmi! It is available on Kindle Amazon. If … More

Under the Teaks

Calm sky sweat drops from leaf to leaf in the cat breath air under the teak trees, nearby on top … More

Something exciting!

This week I am leaping out into the commercial universe and consulting with a literary mentor who connects with film … More

The Cowboy’s Tale

COWBOY’S TALE This wasn’t the half of it. All he told me to begin with was that he’d nearly died … More

The Flower and the Bee

Someone died in the hotel pool yesterday. She was dead for some time before anyone noticed as her skin was … More

Hold all things lightly

Hold all things lightly let all things pass by like a joker’s parade like the fool’s carnivale with flags still … More

Light box:Judas

In 2007 while living in Portugal I made a number of light boxes and they had dark themes some almost … More

The Long Night

For two evenings the sky had been full of coruscating lights, green yellow purple coming in waves flapping and drifting … More


  And so the winter comes on small wet feet smelling of woodfires and wet dogs cardigans and dripping trees … More