In E.D.

So the patient walks in limping badly. There are a number of bloodstains and bruises to be seen and in … More

Through Sarah’s eyes

She’s so thin. Her eyes enormous, dominating, but they’ve lost colour, fading-faded from the blue green they were to the … More

Getting My Stuff Done

Getting it together I could get it together by next Monday because I’ve had the weekend to prepare I could … More

The Trouble with Guns

When I was a little kid, my brothers and their mates sometimes mucked around with slug guns and air rifles … More

The Trouble with Gurus

Secretly, I always wanted to be a guru. One of those guys who channel Source, spruik their lid-blowing wisdom and … More

Another test down

A loud clarion call…ALL CLEAR! I have concluded that you can get the treatments done and the cancer out of … More

Cap’s Way

Cap lived according to the 3F’s. Fighting. Feeding. … and indulging in as much procreative activity as he could, well, … More