Alex Ugalek

Let the dawn arise as it once did

the yellow sun swinging up

through a pink and golden morning into

a sky, cerulean and deep.

Let the rain fall soft on grass green with

singing the fusion of cell and life

Let the wind tease the trees

tickling their little brothers, the leaves

Let the earth breathe the cycles of seasons

each in its own way:

Spring, startling the green fuse out of a warm bed

Summer, pregnant and boasting of its girth

Autumn, sighing, throwing out the calling cards

Winter, the icy friend, laying out a white and restful sheet

Let us be deeply at peace

knowing the Father Mother of all life

holds safe each and every mote that shimmers

and dances with the joy of being

Let each and every animal:

the cricket that stridulates

the kid that skips

the lamb that butts the teat

the beasts of every field, lake sea, forest and river

that now fear and hide from man with

his blade and hook,

be safe within your order.

Let your order be manifest

in the currents of space

in the stopped clock of wheeling giants

in the stars winking in the eye of night

Let order come

Let your will be done.


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