In E.D.

So the patient walks in limping badly. There are a number of bloodstains and bruises to be seen and in fact a slow trickle of blood from one ear alerts me to the fact that this patient has at least, a severe head trauma, I make a list of tests, CT, MRI, bloods, we check the temperature in various computer models. The patient’s behaviour is becoming somewhat violent, spacey eyes, erratic, there is thrashing about, a continuous muttering about someone trying to suffocate or freeze or was it boil? So many things spat out in a weird invective, everyone is on edge, prepped for the coming drama. The question being, will the patient survive the week or even the next months? The test results are through.

I step forward cautiously, I don’t want to get lammed.

“Mother Earth, I’ve got some bad news…”

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