Getting My Stuff Done

Getting it together

I could get it together by next Monday because I’ve had the weekend to prepare

I could get it together by next Tuesday once I’ve had the meeting with the parents

I could get it together by Wednesday once I’ve had the meetings with my LL my GLL my HoD my Department and the students

I could get it together once I have written up my collaborative proposal on getting it together

But only after I’ve had my meeting on Thursday with all the others once they’ ve had their say

on how we should collectively get it all together

except that was adjourned till Friday even though no-one in their right minds would hold a meeting on Friday.

Especially after school when I am so very very over every single thing that has to do with having to and should and could we and I want to propose and if we consider and is it possible to prevent this from and could I put it on Managefly or Backfire or Crossing the Rubicon Atlas or Googledoc  it to everyone shared in real time oh the fucking agony of not knowing what the fuck and should we do it this way or that way Christ we need a meeting to decide and if there was a possibility to be brave and true and good to everyone with integrity and mindfulness all the tick of the clocks then we would be ready indeed to know what do I have to do to prepare for the end of the fucking world when somehow inside me I know and everyone knows that all this this curtain raiser this sham piece of am dram with its slam and family of bees on their knees to please don’t wheeze because I know that you are breathing and if you are breathing too much you are sucking the oxygen from me and we can NOT have death here. We can NOT have misery around us. We can NOT tell the real stuff in tears and all our fears drowned in endless beers in order to be cheery not weary not dreary in order to get our stuff done.

I could get my stuff done if I could get it together

I could get my stuff done if I didn’t have so much stuff to get together

I could get my stuff done if my stuff was something I could understand without a clear rubric or without jargon or in sentences that don’t contain only letters grouped in clusters meaning things I have no idea about like PBL or STEM or DI or GRIT or EARCOS or FART or KIPP.

If only there was a God who in His wisdom would reach into every house and every office every school every like some omnipresent omniscient omnipotent Minister of Everything Holy Wise and Good and unplug our backs from the unearthed wires of anxiety if we don’t get our stuff done, untangle our brains from that web of stuff we’ve spun around each other telling each other how to do our stuff better faster quicker more creatively with ethics with mindfulness with a tsunami of passionate responsive student centred, flipping ourselves arse up with Blended Learning and differentiating ourselves so that holy shit what was that? Was that the bell?

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