Greta Thunberg and the Greater Thunder

I mean…wtf? A child? This is a child used by the Whomeverthefucktheyare to promulgate their agenda. No doubt she, like most of her generation, is sincere. She is innocent and naive but above all she is brainwashed, used appallingly, cynically by the Whomeverthefucktheyare.

Let me be perfectly clear. There IS climate change, this is an incontrovertible truth but how has it come to be? This is not clear although others will scream and shout it is the criminals called humanity and obviously the gross devilish molecule-CO2.

I have done so much reading and research into this starting from the point of  watching Al Gore peddling his gospel of the new carbon age; An Inconvenient Truth with horror and incredulity that we were all going to end up a smoking pair of shoes through to a friend nudging me with, hey mate it isn’t CO2, which was an appalling ignorance as far as I was concerned, until I began the journey to where I am now.

As I was driving home from Geelong late this afternoon, I noticed four weirdly shaped pillars of deep orange stretching UP  from the horizon in a fat based pyramidal shape, then in a continuous line for about a quarter of the dome of the sky where they disappeared behind dark clouds. I have NEVER seen anything like it. I have heard, read and listened to a lot of material on chem-trailing which I first observed in Europe and then to a lesser extent here in Australia. White puffy lines crisscrossing the whole sky, a weft and weave, obscuring the blue and eventually leaving a dissipated slick of silvery grey. To be honest when at first I came across this, I thought of the cost; who is paying for this? Then, why would they? Who is doing it? Why would they be shitting in their own swimming pool? I mean, we all breathe the air, drink water, eat the fruit and sit under the same bodhi tree. It made no sense.

Then I came across the global cooling folks who pinned all climate changes onto the solar minimum with a weakening magnetosphere resulting in the influx of cosmic rays, trees dying from burgeoning UV C, rates of cancer skyrocketing, crop and food shortages, droughts, floods and cruel northern winters with record ice and snow, then also the uptick in volcanoes, earthquakes and jet streams out of whack.

I also stumbled across flat earthers, (praise be!) who believe the real sun is now obscured behind an artificial sun to hide the impending bypass of Planet X.

There are the Annunaki folks, the One Worlders, the WW3 folks, the CO2 is Death to Us All folks, there are the EMPCOE-ers, the Sun Nova’s and BBQs us, people, the Crustal Displacement folks, the We’re All Fucked from Fukushima folks, there are the Climate Deniers, the Climate Changers, it is Catastrophe Porn, an industry like carbon taxes, and so it goes on and on and on.

As does the universe. On and on.

Young Greta is like all young people rattled by adults de-stabilising her world view with fear and panic. She is frightened and has gripped the mettle of A Cause which I find quite sad, but not unsurprising, as she, like most of us, don’t know what the truth is. There is a vast veil, yes, a chiaroscuro drawn over the horizon of what is really happening. We are blind, deaf and led by giants who speak for us but not in our words nor in our language. Thus all we see are inexplicable pillars of orange in a sky clouded with dark doubts and dubious conclusions. We don’t know and cannot guess where we are heading; the Promised Land or just another forty years of wandering?

I don’t know, nor any longer, pretend to know pretty much anything. I dig holes for my trees in among volcanic rocks, which I hope will see a couple of generations of growth. I build up an extra stock of food- just in case. I get up at three a.m. to have a wee and look out the window at the stars wheeling across the same sky that saw my birth, my mother’s and ancestors births decades and generations ago. I get on with it but…yes but…I don’t plan for an old age. Then again, I never did.


Image courtesy of http://andyporterimages.comLiberty_Bell_Milky_Way1.jpg



One thought on “Greta Thunberg and the Greater Thunder

  1. Nice one Catherine. S’funny, I’ve come around to about the same conclusion; we don’t know, we can’t know and the grand catastrophic finale, which seems to have happened a couple of times before on this planet, will either happen in my lifetime, or not, so therefore . . . I also conclude that this current batch of humanity is a deeply flawed one with those in control blindly hastening our demise.


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