Do We Rise?

Just as a note, I am not riding on the back of Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise, it is a deliberate intention in which I am putting a more general question; actually rhetorical.


Do We Rise?


We have reached to touch the ceiling

from our places on the ground

we have choked on years of silence

we were quiet good and sound


We appealed to good men’s graces

we obeyed old white men’s laws

we have covered up our smiles with hands

we gave our babies to their wars


We have cooked on stoves of anger

we have boiled in soups of spite

we’ve been murdered raped and broken

by men of colour black and white


There’s no religion here to bind our wounds

to succour, love or hate

no earth too deep to bury us

for we’ll no longer take your bait


We are rising on the light of truth

from breath held deep inside

blowing up a storm of change

we are women, we decide


We are sister mother lover child

every woman’s arms who held you

the fuse that lights the human race

the power to renew


We don’t ask for permission

we don’t need to hold your hand

we don’t even see your ceilings

we are women; we will stand.


1 Comment

  1. Ah Catherine, such a pleasure to discover, read and digest these recent, thoughtful words. We ‘get’ your reference to Maya Angelou’s work and (both of us) appreciate this well-thought-out art work.


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