Hold all things lightly

Hold all things lightly

let all things pass by

like a joker’s parade

like the fool’s carnivale

with flags still furled

a piper silent without a drum

a chord unplayed

a beat that’s missed

like silence lumped in God’s throat

but He breathes still

the air that meets and sweeps us equally

susurrating through the cyprus and pines

swishing the long grass

the hum, the murmuration of

all living things indivisible

we are the stars the sun and the moon

we are the grass the rock and the clay

the water bone and sinew

the bark the laugh the cry

the jackal’s howl the kitten’s mew

thus in all things, I

cede the hand that is greater

than any man’s deeds for

I am but a mote suspended,

dust we are and to dust we shall return.



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