Light box: Judas

20180705_141232In 2007 while living in Portugal I made a number of light boxes and they had dark themes some almost prophetic which isn’t that unusual as I have discovered later as events unfolded. This one for example began to explore the stillbirth I suffered in 1996 delivering a tiny son I called Charlie. I was outraged that my body didn’t realise what had happened and went on as though he’d been born alive. I felt a profound sense of betrayal a real schism between me and my body. It was a Judas. My breasts began to fill with milk, then when that stopped I had a period, my hormones were in some kind of chain reaction yet out of control as were my emotions and mind. Thus this work was full of horrible images of my gut, my brain in x-ray film, the spectre of disease and death, the fly representing corruption, the hanging tree on which my grief was suspended and then a poem and a pen and ink drawing suspended also as if I could never get back to earth again but would stay in the words.20180705_141138

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