Ordinary Things

Ordinary Things


Some ordinary things are a salve,

solace to a saddened soul

as celestial footlights over baking northern lands

thoughts lightning strike in flashes

the wind turns on a spindle whirling a prayer wheel to the cool south

a murmuration of thoughts roll and coruscate in a bleak wintry sky.

Oh how I loved you then,

you dived into the cold Atlantic then up

raining salty droplets off your hair, grinning, triumphant

ecstatic after your cold showers

standing straight as an Egyptian in your towel

your fingers the colour of papyrus but no matter.

The first day together on the cliffs of Ericeira

Facing the rosy fall of the sun over the real Finistere,

the holy fragrance of shrubs seeping myrrh into our air.

No-one’s simple beauty shone through as yours

there on that quiet edge of the continent

you took my heart off the plunging steep

slipped it warm into your pocket where it stayed, domesticated.


You, a navigator too, sailed cold oceans,

through squalls, tempests doldrums Into new lands

you plundered my treasures with a careless hand

sailed to other harbours, to the winking tavern lights

some wild tarantella swept you into mad whirling prancing dancing

in steps learned from another girl, then another girl,

another another another

spinning nebulae of lies

skeins of deceit

till from your pocket

my small heart slipped to the floor

under clattering feet and clicking heels

and with a sad slow susurration

stopped beating.


I never knew love until that day

I never knew life until that day,

I, to scoop up that still soft piece

and put it back where it homed and grew big,

in me.

Catherine Forsayeth 16/02/17







  1. A touching memory beautifully expressed CF.
    And . . .

    “Let not your heart forever bear the torments of lost loves or regrets.
    Why sift through moments past when, really, there is only now and always only now. Memory can be cruel; revive it and weep, or let it lie.” Anon.


  2. Hi, Cedric Rachel and I. There is no pretension there I think, at least I didn’t think so, therefore no need for an apology at all. Besides you have invested sooooo much in the Good Will Bank I could never hold anything against you Cedric or Rachel and I completely agreed with you.


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