Love is a Drug

Love is a Drug


I feel it, mad heart bounding, the wild wired trampoline cat

I know it, the shooting spitting snake uncoiling inside my guts-

You’re with another

Touching another

Drinking at another’s eyes

Drinking at another’s mouth

Drinking at another’s cunt

I feel so small

A diminishing point on your horizon

I am a shimmering dot in some past heat haze


I was the star you steered by

I was the sounding in your depths

I was your siren call the moonlight on your belly

When you woke to see my face

You were my rising sun bathing me

in limpid golden light

I touched your hair, the springy dark silk of it

I traced the obsidian ribbon of your brow

Fell deeply deeply into that lambent gaze so ardent so bright with love

You are a needle sticking into me

A syringe full of rush

Turning back my eyes

I will fix you to me

a line direct

I will walk where you walk

Breathe the air you breathe

I will bind you tightly to my heart

it will beat when yours beats

Jump when yours jumps

I take out your clothes

I put your towel in my bed

I smell your smell

I wear your shirt

I dry my body on you

I dream of nothing

my night is void

When I wake I smell your smell

I wear your socks

I roll my body in your towel

I know it

I feel it

You are with another

The phone rings again

It is you

Am I ok?






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