For my girl

I think of you, my girl, consumed by a greater thing

than tea cup lives could bear.

This larger shadow moving out from in eating light

grew beyond what you or I could know.

Spinning out, I lost your breadcrumb trail

nor heard the crackling of your step

on twigs and leaves of memories

You left me and went your own way

I could not speak to you nor hear your name spoken

in forests streets or the salted strand.

Like an ancient cypress falling in a gale

creaking shredding its resinous flesh  rent from the earth

my heart’s roots a web chaotic to heat and air

our blood has clotted gone brown,

cells have gone mad,

spirit born of spirit birthed something so sad

that you, flesh of my flesh, my daughter

are shadowed  by that fallen tree

and lessened by its felling.

December 2015