I have been a slacker. To be honest I really lost my mojo in a very big way for a long while to the extent that I packed up my studio and swore never to paint again but what was that except an act of immaturity and self wounding? It was a kind of sand pit moment. Now I have a house to live in again instead of the kind spare rooms of friends and rellies, a good big space to work in in a great country (Vietnam) with  great colleagues I will be back into it. I can feel it happening; the hunger to express, the observations that translate into ideas and images in my mind, the poetry that is starting to happen as well (which I will post here too). I have moved on a bit. Do you think artists have a linear process of creation? I know some that do, some that are entirely free and embedded in a daily passion of creativity. Perhaps for most of us it isn’t that way though because other circumstances take over. I have had a horrendous year in fact and couldn’t for the life of me find my way through it all. Some days I just cried and cried and like my dearest sister who died in 2005 said “Take me now!” It was too hard and yet, here I am on the brighter end of the process grateful for my life, grateful for the people who love me and able to continue.

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