Up in Smoke

The first and last remaining of the series of paintings on the Kinglake fires where I had lived and raised my 4 girls, this painting somewhat scarily represents automatic action and the sudden interruption to daily life of a catastrophe such as the bushfires which are a constant threat every summer. The Black Saturday fires remain one of the worst in our history and for me personally, they were quite traumatic, partly because I was living in Madrid at the time and unable to contact anyone to see if they were ok. I imagined the worst of course. Then I had arranged that day to see the Francis Bacon exhibition at the Prado and found myself sobbing on a couch in the gallery. Later I thought the curators said to themselves, ” Did you see the reaction of that woman?!! ¡ Un éxito! ¡ Es fantástico!’

Sennelier ink and dry pigment on Fabriano paper framed and under glass. 100 x 70 cm $750 + postageOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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