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Prodigal Son: Under His Canopy 125 x 85 Ink on Fabriano paper 1500

Here the Prodigal Son is on his trajectory of grace. In the first picture, we see him as a baby a little obsessed with the bright colour in front of him, this carries on through his growth into a young man, representing the passion he has for his independence at any cost until he separates from his family and goes forward. In this one after he is reduced to nothing but his physical existence eating scraps and with no-one and nothing, he sits in sorrow and contemplation and realises his place.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA prodigal son 2

Puritan Hands, 1 and 2. (SOLD)

20 x 20 cm oil on canvas framed $250 each + post

The hands are actually modelled by Greg Riley, the winner of Australia’s The One, a show on the best psychic. Greg posed for a portrait and I did these hands later. He wanted one holding rosary beads which are actually there but have for some odd reason disappeared here in the photo2014-06-14 10.23.322014-06-14 10.23.23…spooky!!